Apply to the BioBuild Program

Applications are accepted throughout the year

You may contact us at We would be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

Applying to Virginia Tech and the BioBuild program

Students interested in becoming part of the BioBuild doctoral program must apply to become a graduate student at Virginia Tech.

  • Please visit the Virginia Tech Graduate School website for general information on the graduate school program.
  • The application to the Graduate School at Virginia Tech is accessed from the Admissions Page, where you will find instructions for applying online or via mail-in forms.

When selecting a program of study in your graduate school application, you can choose to apply directly to the BioBuild program (Bio-inspired Buildings) or to a participating department/program.  

  • If you apply directly to the BioBuild program, you are officially applying to the BioBuild IGEP; your application will be considered automatically for IGEP support.
  • If you apply directly to the BioBuild program, be sure to indicate your desired home department.
  • If you apply directly to a department, be sure to contact us at, so that we are aware of your interest.
  • NOTE: whether you apply directly to the BioBuild program or a department, your Statement of Purpose must indicate why you are interested in this program and which faculty members in the program have research interests that align with your own.