Raising Funds to Raise Our Voices for the Planet

Creator of Mosaic for Earth joins BioBuild  


Join us in welcoming a new faculty affiliate, Dr. Dwight Bigler, Associate Professor in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. We are glad to have you in our IGEP community. Dr. Bigler’s work focuses on choral compositions to inspire and motivate performers and audiences toward environmentally respectful and restorative behavior.

Dr. Bigler’s work, Mosaic for Earth, will premiere in spring 2022 at the Moss Arts Center. 

Dr. Bigler is eager to connect with BioBuild members that want to explore the space between art and science. Find out more about Dr. Bigler here: http://www.dwightbigler.com

This project is currently seeking financial support, as of this posting the crowdfund is just over 25% funded. The funding drive closes on Nov. 15th, 2021. If you have a few extra dollars to contribute to an exciting new endeavor, every little bit helps: crowdfund.vt.edu/mosaicforearth


Let's Raise Funds to Raise Our Voices for the Climate!