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Inspiration from Dr. Brown's Presentation

Professor Brown's presentation two weeks ago is interesting. I like his research in community ecology in aquatic system. I was amazed to find out that even for a creature as small as a crayfish can have such a complex community around them. The interaction is multi-faceted and complicated and can range from a mutualistic cleaning symbiosis to a parasitism depending on a variety of factors. It is interesting both the host and the worm species can exert some control over the interaction, and the combined interactions between them creates a truly fascinating picture of community assembly.

Ant Mill

Ant colony is amazing. Each ant have very limited sensing. But they achieve fascinating feats like foraging and building nesting, by cooperationg with one other. They do this by following very simple rules.

What is bio-inspired and what we can learn?

Biology is diverse and amazing. Animals can be as big is a big blue whale, and as small as a single cell bacterial. They can achieve feats that our current technique hardly dream of. Although it is hard for us to understand how evolution have made who we are now, we have to admit the power that shapes us. Take a close look at finger monkey, we are surprised that although both are primates, evolution has shaped us to two ends. This provides a glimpse of how powerful evolution is.