VT BioBuild Program | International Living Future Institute Partnership Announced Today

Bullitt Center, Seattle


Exciting new partnership announced between the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) and VT BioBuild Program. This partnership will benefit BioBuild students in earning their Living Future Accreditation (LFA)

This unique partnership was made possible because of the creative endeavors and desires of BioBuild students. Paulo Ignacio, Jr. shares his experiences and interests in LFA below. 

“Last Fall, during one of the weekly seminars offered to CEE graduate students, I had the pleasure of being introduced to what the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) and the Living Building Challenge (LBC) were by Haley Gardner, who came to represent ILFI as a guest speaker. After her presentation, which made me really interested in ILFI’s work, I made sure to follow up with an email and connect with her. In the Spring, while taking Dr. Pearce’s Sustainable Facility Systems class, I invited Haley to come and talk to us about the LBC when I had to host a session about my topic of interest. After her presentation, many of the students (including me) were willing to deepen their knowledge about the LBC. The Living Future Accreditation (LFA) was brought up and we started discussing about how we could take the courses offered by the ILFI together and do a big group certification for VT students."

Students like Paulo, with the support of Ms. Gardner and Dr. Pearce, created an opportunity for existing graduate courses available in Building Construction to count toward earning general continuing education hours for their LFA. Alongside this content offered at Virginia Tech, foundational credit hours can be earned at the student member rate. Students are encouraged to complete the foundational credit hours in collaboration with one another. 

Look out for more information from the ILFI / BioBuild Partnership and participating BioBuild students and fellows.