Fellow Qi Ryan Wang Accepts Postdoc at Harvard University

PhD Candidate Qi Ryan Wang recently accepted a postdoctoral fellowship position at Harvard University. He will be working on the Big Data and Cities project as part of the MacArthur Foundation Initiative “Neighborhood, Social Organization, and the Future of the City.” The postdoctoral position also entails interacting with researchers of the Boston Area Research Initiative (BARI), which facilitates original, policy-relevant research with partners across Harvard and greater Boston. The appointment will start in May, 2015. Congratulations Ryan!

BioBuild Fellows Participate in New Course

Current BioBuild Fellows are taking a new interdisciplinary course offered through the Graduate School: Discovering Synergies in Biology and the Built Environment. The intent of this course is to bring graduate students from different fields together to build a common understanding of humanity’s grand challenges, to explore the parallels between biology and the built environment, and to consider the symbiosis that must exist between natural and built systems so that steps toward altering our development paradigm can be made.